Originally from Southern Indiana, I grew up wanting my life to be a more fun and adventurous one. After high school, I spent four years in Army Intelligence living in South Korea and Germany. The next three years were spent learning Chinese and earning degrees in business management and international business at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business. After graduating, I bought a one-way ticket to Shanghai with the intention of somehow getting involved with China-American business ventures.

A few years later, I found my way back to the U.S. at manufacturing company hoping to get in to international sales. Then the economy collapsed... So I moved to Austin, TX and found rewards managing small businesses. Whether they needed to be fixed or launched, I loved the challenge and struggle of working with small companies, but found boredom after the success. After they were fixed or launched, the challenge was over... and I didn't like simply maintaining a company.

Outside of work, I invested in real estate, earned my MBA from Concordia, and found a new hobby in photography. One day someone wanted to hire me to take pictures of a hot air balloon festival. I thought that was a great way to earn a living, so I set out to learn everything I could to become the best at it. With my business background, I was drawn to architectural, real estate, and commercial photography as a way to help small businesses. After several years of building a successful business in Austin, Jennifer and I decided it was time to move closer to family. So over the winter, we moved to Charlotte to be close to the people we love and to do the two things I love: photography and building a business.